Angelina Joliee : A Career Of Actress As A Film Actress

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Angelina Jolie Film Actress, Model, Producer, Activist, Actress, Director By: Gabby Beale Angelina Jolie is one of Hollywood's most known actresses. Leading in movies like “Salt” and “Maleficent.” She’s one of Hollywood's highest paid actors. Jolie was born in Los Angeles, California, June 1975. She was always a joyful little girl, she would dress up and play improve while her brother would record her. Meanwhile, she suffered from depression. While living in New York at the time, her parents were separated when she was only 6 months old. Her father being the actress Jon Voight managed to be very wealthy, but he failed to pay child support and saw Jolie and her older brother occasionally leaving their mother in money trouble. She was bullied in school and when they moved back to California she grew to be a rebellious teenager. She was a self-cutter (people who cut themselves to relieve stress between the age of 7 to 24) and started doing drugs. One time she cut herself so deep, she had to be rushed to the hospital. That was sort of wake up call for Jolie. Later in 1986 she dropped out of Highschool to attend Lee Strasberg Theatre and film Institution in West Hollywood, California. There she learned the method of acting, how to feel the emotion of characters by getting in touch with their painful memories. Acting pulled Jolie out of this dark place in her life. She later went back to Highschool where the bullying continued. Jolie says “ I didn't feel clean or pretty” pg.17.

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