Semi-Formal Dress Code Research

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Q. What do I wear to semi? What does a "semi-formal" dress code mean?

A. Semi-formal, as it sounds, is somewhat formal. This means that males should not wear their NMDs or v-neck shirts, and girls should not wear boyfriend sweaters or Roots sweatpants. For males, you should wear a proper light-coloured button-down dress shirt, dress pants, and dress shoes (medium browns to dark browns; stay away from black). Waistcoat and tie/bowtie are optional, and you may even wear a blazer. As for the ladies, you should wear the dress that makes you feel the best. With that being said, make sure you are comfortable with whatever you are wearing; do not wear anything that makes you overly self-conscious and insecure. As for footwear, simple flats to high
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