Senses : A Human 's Natural Senses

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A human’s natural senses can be trusted in cases where any life is in danger. The five senses, sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste, are man’s primary way of interacting with the world. They provide us with information about what is around us in the world and different qualities of the information. We were able to make use of our senses before we even learned a language. Senses are vital to human survival, however, we do need to also involve other ways of knowing in order to gain knowledge. Senses are the first thing we rely on to give us truth if there is no evidence present. They also control the way we act on situations and think about the things surrounding us. Sense perception, reason, and evidence important aspects of understanding how and why we should trust our senses to give us truth.
Senses affect our sense perception, which is the ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the use of senses. Our mind has to analyze information that our senses gather. Our senses give us enough information to create a truth or at least something close to a truth.
Our senses can give us enough accurate information to make an inference. For example, if James’ friend Fred puts his hand on a hot stove, his senses automatically send a message to the mind that it is hot and he immediately removes his hand as a reflex. The “touch” sense sends an immediate response through the nerves to the brain that the object being touched is dangerous and Fred’s brain sends a message

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