September 11, 2001 A Series Of Disastrous Events

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On September 11, 2001 a series of disastrous events occurred in New York City, New

York. Al-Qaeda planned diplomatic events known as suicide attacks. This is one of the saddest days in history, and as everyone knows September 11th was the day that shook the world. This tragedy

should have never transpired in the first place. However, it did. Most of America can tell you that

they remember exactly what they were doing & where they were on September 11th. Fortunately,

for some children they were just too young to remember these devastating events.

Targeting the World Trade Center was all about a Symbolic Importance, Economic

Ramifications, and the Body Count. Al-Qaeda wanted to …show more content…

The terrorists flew two of the four planes into two skyscrapers at the

World Trade Center. The collision caused the buildings to become engulfed in flames which led

them to give way. Another plane demolished part of the United States Military Headquarters. Know

as the Pentagon which is located in Arlington, Virginia. The fourth plane crashed in Shanksville,

Pennsylvania. Officials came to the conclusion that the terrorists on that plane intended to destroy

either The United States Capitol or The White House. Passengers on board the planes fought the

terrorists and prohibited them from reaching their goal. In all, 2,996 people were killed and over

6,000 were injured. Close to 200 civilians jumped from extreme heights in the decision to end their

life painlessly and quickly to avoid the scorching fires.

As stated above 19 terrorists were responsible for the crashing of two active planes. These

men were all affiliated with a “militant Sunni Islamist” multi-national organization led by Osama

bin Laden that was known as Al-Qaeda. The management philosophy for this group had been

illustrated as "centralization of decision and decentralization of execution”. It is managed as a

network which is consisted of Salafist jihadists and Islamic Extremists. It has been classified as a

terrorist group by the UNSC (United States Security Council), NATO (North Atlantic Treaty

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