Serial Killer Empathy Definition

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Serial Killers, most people are curious about them. People tend to read or watch anything that concerns serial killers. It is important to understand how serial killers become vicious individuals. It is also important to know how their emotional state works or the lack there of empathy. Being able to tell if empathy is something that they feel or whether it is an act through pure psychopathy. This will be compared to crimes of passions to determine what level of empathy or psychopathy was felt. We have a lot of information on criminals, who commit violent crimes, but studies on serial killers is lacking. Only thing we do know is dependent upon what they tell us during interviews (Culhane, Hilstad. Freng, and Grey 2011). By doing research focusing…show more content…
Although there are an increasingly number of literature when it comes to serial killers, but it would appear that most of it is more based on the identification of the killer and the reasons why he or she did it (2009). According to Bartels and Parsons, it is believed that there is a dominant understanding of a serial killer that it has to do with a sexual fantasy role, which has to do with a role of sexual fantasy. “Fantasy is defined by Prentky et al. (1989: 889) as ‘an elaborated set of cognitions (thoughts) characterised by preoccupation (or rehearsal), anchored in emotions, and originating in daydreams’’’ (Bartels and Parsons, 2009, 267-268), as well as them being involved in cognitions or images that are sexually arousing (2009). This all goes back to an “isolated sexual murder” (Bartels and Parsons, 2009, 268), in 1885, the first emphasis on sexual fantasy was in 1957 by Reinhardt. Back then is what led to the term “sexual sadistic killer” (Bartels and Parsons, 2009). In 1992 Ressler defined a true meaning of what’s the meaning to the term serial killer, that they have an obsession with fantasies of murder and this leads them to repeat the crimes until they have successfully acted out these fantasies
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