Serial Killer : Ted Bundy

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In the late sixties and seventies, a feared serial killer, Ted Bundy, disseminated terror throughout the United States. He was connected to at least thirty-six murders, although some believed he had committed more than one hundred murders. Bundy confessed to killing thirty women in seven states before his execution by electric chair on January 24, 1989. Ted Bundy appeared as a successful and an attractive gentleman, who seemed to have a lot going for him. Nevertheless, ingrained was the heart of a serial killer! Ted Bundy was a psychopath; proving that the lines between sanity and insanity are thin; however, in the case of Bundy, it was on the edge of non-existence. Ann Rule describes Ted Bundy as a clean-cut kid with predatory cravings that characterize the most primitive vision of social Darwinism; supporting a practice that hoards his fortunes in human trophies. He is the compelling extreme of a system of accumulation. Without fate and God; within a very flimsy world tied together by a fragile web of coincidences; when having the sense that survival of the fittest is all that he had left. As a chronic sexual predator, Bundy crossed a line in which he could never step back to the other side, and he didn’t want to. Bundy considered himself to be an amateur and impulsive killer in his early years, and then moved into what he considered to be “The Ultimate Predator!” Ted Bundy appeared to grow up in healthy household, with supportive family members;

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