Antisocial Personality Disorder- Ted Bundy

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Ted Bundy is known to be the worst serial killer in U.S. History. In the 1970's, Ted raped and murdered women in at least five different states. Bundy eventually confessed to thirty murders, although the actual total remains unknown. Theodore Robert Bundy was born on November 24th, 1946 in Burlington, Vermont to Eleanor Louise Cowell, a 22 year old single woman. Ted's mom never told him much about his father other than that he was in the armed forces and that they never were really together. Bundy had a difficult childhood and was pretty much an wanted by his mother. After being left in foster care for two months, Eleanor decided to have her parents raise Ted and make him and everyone believe that they were his adopted parents and…show more content…
He also found that his dad was listed on there, named Lloyd Marshall. Bundy waited until the fall to resume his studies at the University of Washington where he excelled greatly than before. He ended up in honors classes and became engaged in local politics, where he transcended in. Ted Bundy graduated from Washington with a degree in psychology. In the summer of 1973 Ted got accepted into the University of Utah Law School. Everything still going smoothly for Bundy and seemed to be headed for abundant things.

No one will ever really know what happened to set Ted Bundy off, but around 1973 he began raping and murdering women at a surprising rate. No one really knows exactly when and how many woman he had murdered but he was a prime suspect in many unsolved murders. Kathy Devine was last seen getting into a green pick-up on November 25, 1973, which was later found that Ted Bundy had the same green pick-up at the time. Fifteen year old Divine's decomposed remains were found on December 6 with her jeans cut open in between her legs. Her throat was cut and the investigators concluded that she was murdered right after she disappeared and there were no leads or evidence to bring someone to justice for the acts they have committed on this poor girl.
In early 1974, two girls with similar acts of crimes against them were committed in less than a month time span. They were reported to have been beaten over the head and had a metal rod stuck up
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