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Centralized training and registration for Service Dogs
Dessie Marek

In today’s evolving society, there is more mobility that ever for people with disabilities. One of the things that allows this to happen is the use of service animals. Problems however arise when people try to cheat the system. Attempts to pass off pets as service animals, improperly trained animals, and businesses with lack of knowledge on laws all contribute to ongoing frustrations. The need for a centralized training standard as well as government registration and regulation of service animals is clear and immediate. If standards can be established within breeding clubs for “Good Citizen” training, then it can be done for service dogs. Then, once …show more content…

Assistance dogs such as emotional support dogs are not trained for tasks or needs of the owner but rather to provide companionship for the owner. The main reason people are offered an emotional support dogs is to help cope with mental or behavioral health issues that do not require assistance outside of the house. Emotional support dogs are often given to victims of domestic violence and children with emotional disorders. The biggest difference between the emotional support dogs and service dogs is that while emotional support dogs are trained to comfort and be there emotionally for their owners at home, they are not needed for daily living support like service dogs are. One of the primary reason that emotional support dogs would need to be identified as such is to take advantage of the loophole provided in the law. (Huss, 2012) So service dogs need training. One of the problems with people who need a service dog is that it is hard to know where to start. Their doctor tells them that they need one and gives them a letter stating so, but then they are on their own. Most people look to service dog organizations. These organizations train the dogs to their own set standard and will try to match them up with the right dog for their needs. This all of course comes at a cost to the disabled person. (who already has many extra costs in life.) The costs can range from five hindered to twenty thousand. One the disabled person has decided that

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