The Process of Becomng a Service Dog Essay

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In order for a dog to become a service dog they must go through “school” training. Most of the puppies received for this job are bred on the training site so the obedient behaviors of past breeds will continue. The puppies are then sent to live with experienced volunteers or families until they learn basic commands and social interactions. After the fundamentals are mastered, they are returned back to the site where each pup will be spayed or neutered. Only then does the rigorous educating begin. Teaching each dog how to walk, see, hear, and even speak for mentally or physically disabled individuals is so demanding that only around half of the dogs graduate. The other half may have been overly hyper, or too eager to play. Those dogs are …show more content…

Many handlers will often use a white cane to prevent them from interfering with their dog, but rely entirely on their partner for detours, or objects above thigh height that the cane will not detect. Hearing dogs are trained to alert the person of sounds that are vital to the owner’s daily safety. They make physical contact and will direct the owner either toward or away from the noise, depending on the source. This provides someone who is deaf or hard of hearing the awareness of any other person. There are seven main sounds a hearing dog will learn; a ringing phone, doorbells/knocking, smoke alarms, fire alarms, name calls, alarm clocks, oven/microwave timers. In public, sirens or car horns are not specific alerts that the dog will know, but reactions to these noises can make the handler aware which direction something could be happening in. But once they are placed with an owner the dog can learn any repetitive and consistent sounds that can be set up and practiced.
Another, newer, type of service dog is a Seizure Alert Dog. Seizure Alert Dogs give warning of an oncoming attack to people with epilepsy. They were noticed around ten years ago, and have yet to discover how these dogs recognize an oncoming seizure. Scientists cannot provide a number as to how many dogs has this nor can they teach a dog to acquire

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