Serving Ideas With Finesse By Adam Vanegdom

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Art Essay: Serving Ideas with Finesse by: Adam VanEgdom “Art” has such power and influence not because of the beauty it possesses but rather the perception it evokes. Like art, writing possesses the same ability to mold our perception. This proved to be true in both The Complete Review and Blank Canvas by Michael Billington, as they attempted to open our minds to an alternative stance through deep, methodical analysis. The ability to develop meaningful, thought-provoking ideas can be rare, but Blank Canvas was able to deliver insightful, fully supported ideas. On the other hand, The Complete Review yielded unique ideas but lacked explanation and clarity. Ideas are not measured in quantity but rather in quality. Without a valid and…show more content…
This inquiry is not only complex, but it is a very layered question. There is a spectrum of different responses and thoughts, all of which are possible while reading the text. This statement causes the reader to fully analyze what Reza intended, and how we are required to adapt, despite conflicting interests. Another compelling statement made, discusses the potential message that lies with Art: “How much truth and honesty human beings can stand.” This deep thought is served very accurately and with elevated insight. The entirety of the play revolves around the honesty of its characters. Serge, Marc and Yvan all struggle to balance truth and deception as they work through the conflict. Each individual is given the ability to modify the truth, to preserve friendship. However, we are able to experience, first hand, the immense chaos honesty can cause, in the fight between Marc and Serge, as well as in the attacks on Yvan. This theme is not only present, but was the focal point of the entire piece of literature. Blank Canvas was able to introduce several comprehensive arguments as it created thought around relationship and interaction amongst one another. The Complete Review also included several thoughts that were both original and intuitive but contained more surface level ideas. The review investigated how the play was able to challenge the dynamics of friendships and how we, as social beings, interact. It eludes to the puzzling factors that
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