Seuss The Cat In The Hat Comes Back As A Cold War Allegory

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The Cat in The Hat Comes Back is an illustrated children’s book written by Dr. Seuss and published in 1958. This book is made for children aged three to eight who are just at the beginning of learning how to read. This book is the second of the two The Cat in The Hat books and it is full of silliness, messiness and despair on behalf of the narrator. However, some people try to analyse this children’s book as an allegory of the Cold War. In the following paper, I will show why some people might think of The Cat in The Hat Comes Back as a Cold War Allegory although Dr. Seuss never indicated anything about this theory. Even though this is a children’s book many people interpret the pink stains and their spread as representatives of the communism. Charles D. Cohen states in his visual biography The Seuss, the Whole Seuss, and Nothing But the Seuss several analyses which compare the pink ring to the ‘Pinkos’ (jackstrebor). It starts with just one spot but soon after you got …show more content…

in jackstrebor).
So Seuss himself denies the theory that The Cat in The Hat Comes Back hides a communistic message and indicates that the choice of colours was just a financial aspect.
In conclusion, the interpretation of the pink stain as the Red Menace and the Voom as an atomic bomb is a possibility. But The Cat in The Hat Comes Back is a children’s book and therefore not intended to make the readers politically aware since they are not interested in politics and do not understand the book in this way. There are many more books written by Seuss dealing with political topics which are much more obvious about the topic, so Seuss would not try to send a subtle message, which might not be understandable to

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