Seven Gables Gothicism

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In The House of the Seven Gables, Nathaniel Hawthorne uses a preface at the beginning of the book to assure his readers that the novel is merely a romance. Each chapter of the book, however, shows the elements of Gothicism. The novel hints of being a romance because of the supernatural or fantasy-like elements but the being of death, eyes, decay, and darkness strongly shows otherwise. The haunting, dark, and mysterious aspects of the house and actions of the two families allow any reader to make the assumption, and causes contradiction of Hawthorne’s own work. In the beginning of the book, Hawthorne uses his preface to ensure that his novel classifies itself as a romance. The author makes the novel on the bases of two genres a romance, and…show more content…
It talks about the strange aspects which shows the eerie feeling already in the house. It continues on with the eeriness by talking about the worn passages and creaking staircases. Then, the mentioning of dead people’s garments, or pale visages expresses the overall gothic feeling in this novel. Towards the end of the book the narrator tells about the Pyncheons searching for the missing document, which results in looking inside the grave of the first Matthew Maule. They dig up the grave and discover that the skeleton of Matthew is missing a hand. This show the dark part of the family's personality and the overall touches in additions to the story. The characters’ actions, along with what they say, shows the dominance of Gothicism in the book. From the beginning of the story the narrator talks about the rivalry between the Maules and the Pyncheons. During this feud Colonel Pyncheon has Matthew Maule executed for witchcraft. This shows the dark thought process a person can have. Also, from the quote spoken by Holgrave, “Shall we never never get rid of this Past? ...It lies upon the Present like a giant's dead body"(Chapter 12), shows this cognitive process of the characters , as Hawthorne adds dark undertones to each
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