Seven Golden Rules To Purchase Your First Car

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For a good number of young people, a car is the ultimate symbol of independence, the freedom to go your own way and in your own time. Although buying your first car is a big challenge, where do you start? What car do you purchase, what can you afford and what safety features are you looking for? Ford SA gave seven golden rules to assist you to find the care you can live with and what’s more importantly that you can afford to live with. 1. Don’t rush: Your emotions should be kept under control when you are looking at purchasing your first car. Be cautious, you will have to live with the car for a few years and don’t forget to shop around for the best insurance rates; they differ usually for young drivers. 2. What can I afford? You will need to be budgeting for more than just the purchase price. Not only the cost of financing, you will need to keep the following also in mind, maintenance, fuel, repairs and insurance along with odds and ends such as parking and registration and a potential rise in your monthly installments should the interest rate goes up. If you can, work out what you can afford before you are going to shop for a car. 3. Choose your ride: Make sure that the car you are interested in comes with a full service history and check …show more content…

Drive the car: Should you have a more car-savvy relative or friend with you to help look at the car, make sure that you are rather driving it yourself as well. Take your time to adjust the seat position, steering column as well as the mirrors until you are feeling totally comfortable in the driving seat and make sure that you can reach all the controls with your seatbelt that is fastened. After all, you are going to be living with the car for a long time. And finally, what’s more importantly, if the seller or salesman does not want you to drive the car, walk away. The only reason to refuse you to do a test drive is if there is something about the car that he doesn’t want you to know about until you have purchase

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