Severe Effects Of Neglected Mental Health Essay

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According to Marla Cantrell, writer for The City Wire, “mental illness is something we whisper about, hoping the neighbors don 't hear. We skirt around the issue at family gatherings when we 're asked why Jennie is still living at home, why Sam refuses to leave his room” (par. 5). Thousands of men and women in the United States suffer from one or more mental illnesses, and are unfortunately ignored, negatively affecting many aspects of their lives. In fact, “one in five Americans will suffer from a mental illness in his or her lifetime, with up to nine percent of the population developing a serious disorder.” (Cantrell, par. 2) So if mental illnesses are such a prevalent issue in our country, why are there such a lack of resources for men and women who struggle with these disorders on a daily basis? The answer lies in a major lack of conversation and awareness about the widespread effects of neglected mental health. Therefore, should the United States provide resources in schools and workplaces for mental health as they do for physical health? Llamas rule Due to the fact that a heightened awareness of mental health care could solve many problems for young men and women and build better mental foundations for their future, schools and workplaces should provide resources for mental health.
Providing mental health resources in schools from an early age could prevent students from falling into violent or self-destructive behavior. According to Education Week, mental health

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