Sex And Drugs

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The economy of sex and drugs is potentially one of the most serious and talked about global forces. Discussions of this aspect of globalization has brought to light how the war on drugs is virtually ineffective as the price of drugs has drastically decreased in the past few decades indicating that more drugs are available on the market now than ever before. Porter influenced my belief in punishing drug users as he made it clear that criminalizing drug use is clearly ineffective (Numbers Tell of Failure in Drug War). Efforts should be placed on helping those addicted in order to decrease use of hazardous drugs, like heroin and cocaine. I believe similar efforts should also be in place for sex workers. Since prostitution is illegal it is difficult to catch and prosecute those who kidnap people and turn them into sex slaves. Although legalizing drugs and prostitution may not be the best solution it does have many pros in helping deter drug dealers who abuse the system and brothel owners who treat their workers as slaves. This may not directly affect my life but as a young woman there is always a fear of traveling alone and being kidnapped into sex trafficking. Another global force I found very interesting in this unit was the role of women in the global economy. The video on the Haitian women was a prime example of the feminization of poverty discussed by Buvinic (Women in Poverty). It showed exactly how women in Haiti struggled to make money as they were taken advantage of

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