Sex Culture And Its Effects On America

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Today in American society it is easy to say that there are some cultural issues that have been rising in interest in the past few decades. Some claim Americans have become desensitized and clueless of what is going on, but is America as immoral as everyone makes it seem? In our society we see people debating over abortion, sex culture, genetic engineering, and sexual orientation. Some things I believe are hands down, no question, wrong, but most I believe are just part of changing times and beliefs. The American Culture war somewhat divides the country, and as Abraham Lincoln once said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” We must find a way to bring our country to an equal, civil standing, as it is needed, without disregarding…show more content…
Since then, the rates have actually gone down tremendously. The teen pregnancy rate has declined by 51% according to a study from 2010, leaving only 57.4 pregnancies to every 1000 teens. (Teen Pregnancy) I believe that many think the sex culture is out of control because of social media and other ways communication. For example we have shows such as “16 and Pregnant” bringing more attention to the subject, which most people shine a negative light on, but I disagree. I think that bringing awareness to the subject is resulting in people being more couscous, and helping them to make smarter decisions. Overall, this has led to not having as much of a sexual culture in American society as we have seen in prior years. Hopefully statistics are correct, and the trend continues to decrease.
Along with the amount of teen pregnancies declining, the overall abortion rates have done the same. In 1996 1.36 million abortions took place, as to 2012 where 1.02 million took place. (Abortion Stats) That is a 25% drop over just 16 years. Abortion became a large ordeal when the Roe vs. Wade trial granted it legal during the first trimester of pregnancy no matter the circumstances, but leaving further laws up to state government. Abortion is a touchy subject that tries moral standards and the rights of a woman’s choice. In the pro-life and pro-choice debate pro-choice has won with 50% against pro-life at 44%, and the rest just being in a grey, in between area.
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