Sex, Gender, And Gender

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Popular understanding reflects the view that sex refers to ones biological functions in comparison to gender, which is solely explained as a cultural impact in depicting ones identity. The conveying of these two concepts create implications in demonstrating the understanding of ones sex or gender as distinct elements, of personal characteristics and human traits. Sex and gender are two contrasting features constantly interrelating, in day-to-day lives. A concise narrowing will be drawn from this understanding throughout the essay, denoting the numerous aspects arising as implications of the current understanding of sex and gender. Conclusions that stem from the popular understandings of sex and gender will be discussed within essay, highlighting implications of gender roles, intersex individuals and biological elements creating distinction between males and females.
Sex and gender were constantly contested and formulated by several theorists in ranging disciplines obtaining an interest of sex and gender distinctions. Several people commonly group sex and gender as comparable aspects, in stating that women are human females whereas men are human males. (first reader) However this perspective has been challenged and contested by feminist theorist in formulating and endorsing a clear concise distinction between the two concepts. Analytically sex depicts human females and males depending on biological features such as sex organs, chromosomes, hormones and other physical…

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