Sexism Between Men And Women

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In todays American society there is a hedge problem with sexism between men and women, especial socially. Women are more social discriminated against then men, you can see this in the media, in a work environment, or even as something simple as just being in a public space. Throughout history there has been this idea of what a women should be or act like. One saying that goes "Sugar and spice and everything nice, that’s what little girls are made of." This giving the idea that women are supposed to act sweet and dainty, and have this loving caring quality about them, and women who do not act like this they get called things like butch, dyke, or one of those crazy feminists, tom boy, or “that’s unladylike.” Some men use terms like pussy, or, "you through like a girl" to describe another man in a degrading manner. Is this saying it’s bad to be a girl? Are we as a society telling women that they have to be a certain way or she will get called out for it? How are women supposed to act if there are so many social standards? Shouldn’t by now in 2016 there by equality between the sexes?
If you go on Google and type in the words “beer commercials” and click images you will see whole pages of “sexy” women holding a beer, or a male holding a beer surrounded by models. These commercials are exploiting women’s bodies to sell beer! Not to even mention that they are not advertising any woman’s body but a tall, skinny, flawless body. Media is some of the first things we

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