Sexity And Sexuality In Christina Rossetti's 'Goblin Market'

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Christina Rossetti’s, “Goblin Market” message focuses around the sexual content and vicious descriptions of men, symbolizing them as goblins. This narrative poem focuses on two girls, Lizzie and Laura, who get tempted by the goblins selling a generous variety of fruits. Many readers made a first connection to the story understanding it to be relating to sexuality and virginity. Making it hard for the readers to see what other moral or messages might be there that could potential be the main ones. With a different shift of focus, and a fresh new perspective, the hidden compassionate message of sisterhood can be found. “Goblin Market’s” focus is not entirely on the steamy erotic poem that is designed to challenge sexuality during the Victorian era, but rather the sexual content is a method of disproving the misconceptions regarding powerless women, and showing how powerful the bond is between the two sisters as they break the expectations of society.
As this poem is written in the Victorian era, restrictions against women and how they are supposed to behave and act can be clearly seen in the details of this poem. In the beginning, the speaker provides the main factors about the girls. The speaker tells the readers that they are quite scared to look at the goblins, "We must not look at goblin men/We must not buy their fruits"(7). Offering readers a sense that they are taught not to make eye contact with men. At the beginning, they may seem like they are afraid to challenge the

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