Sexual Assault And Sexual Aggression

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Sexual assault is a board term that is a wide-range of sexual victimization, including rape. Sexual assault deals with being forced into any sexual acts that the person disagrees upon. Sexual assault will occur when the abuser makes sexual passes or without penetration. The action maybe physical force or psychological intimidation. The touching of a person’s sexual or intimate parts are sexual advances. Children who are in the middle stage of their child hood are developing the skill of self-evaluation that is aging around six to twelve years of age. Their prime adaptive ego quality will be competence. A sexual assaulted adolescent at this point of their lives will detach themselves from society (Winograd, 2010).
Adolescents are vulnerable and are likely to become victims. There are two-thirds to three quarters of adolescents targeted by relatives of the adolescent or an acquaintance. Adolescents that have a developmental disability such as those that are in the mildly retarded range are easy targets for sexual assault (Winograd, 2010). Manipulation is a key reason for the abuser when dealing with adolescents. They are targets because of their stature and cognitive levels most of the time.
Calitz, De Jongh, Horn, Nel and Joubert (2014) the assault drives the child into despair, many as young as eleven years old experiment with drugs after the assault. Adolescent rape victims are more likely to resort to drugs and alcohol. Adolescent female victims are more likely not to
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