Sexual Assault And Sexual Assaults Essay

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Sexual Assault is one of the most feared topics on campus because of different experiences that people face on their life. These request is to create a student organization on campus name FASPVA which stands for Fight Against Sexual Physical or Verbal Assault. College campuses have a high rated numbers of sexual assault compared to non-college campus because of major reasons like parties, alcohol, fraternities and sororities. Whether it is rape, abused or sexual assault the gender who encounter these issues are women and they are less likely to report it because of the person who did it or they are afraid of the consequences of them reporting it or just wondered whether there would be any justice at all or not. Almost all the sexual assault incidents are men acts but the women are blamed for it because of the way they dress, act or their actions. Most women who are victims of sexual assaults don’t acknowledge these facts or don’t do it on propose. In the reading “Fraternities and Rape on Campus” by Yancey Martin and Robert A.Hummer, they argue that Fraternities use their parties and their use of alcohol and drugs to influence women and to sexually assault them. It’s hard to feel or understand someone else’s feelings unless you are the victim. In “I want a Twenty-Four-Hour Truce” reading of Andrea Dworkins, she points out how freedom, male supremacy, the gender inequality and feminism relates to theses sexual assault and rape on campus. In “Beyond Yes or No: Consent as

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