Sexual Disorders

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In society you would never expect things such as a sexual disorder or abnormal sexual behavior to happen to an ordinary person. Abnormal sexual behavior consist of different disorders, but in order for it to be considered a disorder it must have one of the three requirements, which are bringing harm to others, persistent or recurrent distress, or impairment in important areas of functioning. When looking more in debt at sexual disorders there are many different reasons why disorders occur, from being raped to it just being genetically, you never know why a person is the way they are. To name a few, some of these disorders that occur are pedophilia, exhibitionist, fetishism, partialism, and etc. To begin, abnormality in individual…show more content…
This causes a man to feel distressed or encounter problems in his intimate relationship. The male does retain interest in sex and can still ejaculate without being erect, but their level of pleasure is less intense than they would experience with an erection. Men tend to feel shameful when they have this disorder, so they commonly avoid sexual intercourse with a partner altogether. Some men cannot get an erection with each sexual experience and others maintain an erection but lose it when they attempt to penetrate or soon after penetration. In addition, orgasmic disorder has two types: Female orgasmic disorder and male orgasmic disorder. Female orgasmic disorder is the inability to achieve an orgasm or the stressful delay in achieving an orgasm. Some women cannot achieve an orgasm in all situations, while others have situational problems. Women that the problem is situational may be able to reach orgasm by self-stimulation or with a partner engaging in sexual behaviors besides penetration. Women have orgasms in different ways some from intercourse alone, others from clitoral stimulation, or both and at times neither just by kissing or fantasizing, but it depends on the female and the ones who cannot orgasm most like have stress of some kind. Male orgasmic disorder has a specific orgasm stage and it is when difficulty arises in this stage that this disorder occurs. Men can have generalized or situational symptoms. Generalized
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