Sexual Offence Encompasses A Wide Range Of Crimes Essay

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Sexual offence encompasses a wide range of crimes. This makes it tough to identify underlying causes and suggesting measures to prevent. Differing psychological, anthropological and sociological perspectives in the cases of Robert Pickton and Russell Williams show the complexity of the issue. No two sex offenders are alike. According to Schwartz (1995), “sex offenders comprise an extremely heterogeneous population that cannot be characterized by single motivational or etiological factors” (SAPAC) Staying these factors is beyond the scope of this essay. Here we will focus on the two cases referred above and figure out the way they choose their victims and how we can use that information to suggest preventive measures.The essay will also examine the role of media in sexual offences and how media can be helpful in the prevention of such offences. The case studies to paint a picture of the progression of the problem and the inability of the justice system to apprehend them time. What is wrong with this picture and why they took so long to arrest them? The first case is that of Robert William Pickton. He was convicted of the murder of six women in 2002. Though he is serving life sentence for the six murders, investigators believe that he actually murdered more that thirty women because of the physical evidence found at Pickton’s fam in Coquitlam (The Pickton Trial, But despite the evidence, most of these women have remained unaccounted for. During the trial,

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