Crimes and Misdemeanors Essay

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Cheryl Brown Professor Nassif Intro to Philosophy 17 Nov 2012 “Crimes and Misdemeanors” In the final scene when Louis Levy speaks of the capacity of love I feel he is saying that we as humans have this natural need for an emotional attachment in order to feel complete as a person. Everyone on this earth is looking for love and acceptance and this starts from birth. A baby requires love, attention, physical touch and maternal nurturing along with biological needs in order to survive. This is carried on throughout out a person’s life. If one can look back as far as possible into their childhood they will come to find that love from another being is essential to growth because this will be the basis of what kind of adult you will grow…show more content…
It’s we who invested with our feelings, and under certain conditions we feel that anything isn’t worth it anymore.” (Crimes and Misdemeanors, 1989.). The first character that I feel most represents this for a start, is Cliff. I feel the eccentricity of his personality prohibits him from being happy with the kind of love he has in the relationship with his wife and I feel this is the main reason for the distance between the two characters. Cliff finds happiness in other ways by taking his niece to midafternoon movies and engulfing himself into his documentary work. Cliff is always questioning the intentions behind an action. For example, when he is walking out of the theater with his niece; he turns to her and gives her a simple yet profound piece of advice about teachers. He tells her not to listen to, not to pay attention anything they say, but just to study the way they look like because this is the way for her to see how life is really going to be like. Cliff also question’s the motives of his wife’s brother, Lester. This could be because he is successful and he got this success through unconventional ways that Cliff doesn’t agree with, but I feel deep down inside that Cliff is envious of Lester’s success. Cliff is always questioning and I know that we do not need to mention Aristotle, but he can be seen as thinking on this level, always questioning a motive, never accepting an answer and
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