Sexual Offenders And The Law

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Sexual Offenders and the Law Joseph D. Williams Professor Weslea Bell English 215 10 June 9, 2015 Sexual Offenders and the Law Sexual offender registry is a deeply emotional and intuitive issue. The issue has captured the support of the politicians and the community, but the upsurge of outwardly automatic public support has enabled and encouraged the legislators to move to fast very quickly. The representatives latched onto this issue because it is a political strategy for accumulating votes. Sexual offender laws are essential, but the prevalent indication demonstrates that the conjecture surrounding sex offenders are principally incorrect. The legislation regarding sexual offender laws should be changed in some cases because…show more content…
The question one must ask themselves is “What are the chances of recidivism rates on sexual offenders compared to supplementary crimes”? In addition, should sexual registration laws be changed? Sex offender registration in the United States began with the Jacob Wetterling Crimes against Children and Sexually Violent Offender Registration Act, passed by Congress in 1994. Since then, every states has indorsed some practice of sex offender registry and public reporting system. At present, researchers have determined that “Sex Laws are undeserved and unproductive”. If the social order wants to keep their children safe from real sex offenders, we need to do away with our existing sex offender registries and absolutely rethink the way we outline and punish sexual offences in this country. Currently, a substantial proportion of those people listed in sex offender registries pose almost no threat to children, making it challenging for us to know who really does pose a threat to our children and what we should do about them. As a nation, we have foolishly concluded that all sex crimes are the same. While sex offender registry laws vary from state to state. The problem is simple because the law says that two teens caught engaging in consensual oral sex in high school belong on the same list as a child rapist. This notion is ridiculous. This concept leaves
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