Sexual Offenders And The Law

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Sexual Offenders and the Law Joseph D. Williams Professor Weslea Bell English 215 10 June 9, 2015 Sexual Offenders and the Law Sexual offender registry is a deeply emotional and intuitive issue. The issue has captured the support of the politicians and the community, but the upsurge of outwardly automatic public support has enabled and encouraged the legislators to move to fast very quickly. The representatives latched onto this issue because it is a political strategy for accumulating votes. Sexual offender laws are essential, but the prevalent indication demonstrates that the conjecture surrounding sex offenders are principally incorrect. The legislation regarding sexual offender laws should be changed in some cases because there are several different levels of sex offenders. Level one-sex offenders and minor offenders are low risk to repeat the offense, but having said this, this statement does not propose that registration laws and sex offender registry should be eliminated altogether. There are numerous risk factors for reoffending among sex offenders: 1. Prior Offenses 2. Stranger Victims 3. Non-Related Victims 4. Personality Disorders 5. Anger Problems These factors should be considered when determinations are being made as to which sex offenders should or should not be required to register and undergo system registrations. Sexual registration is necessary but should be on a need to know basis. If one can use the internet to determine, who is sex
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