Sexual Relations Between A Person And An Animal

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Bestiality is defined as sexual relations between a person and an animal; : sodomy.
Having sex with animals was originally linked to people living in rural areas where they were around livestock, and there may have been fewer women. In today’s world it has become something else, and that is, people who actually prefer to have sex with animals over human beings. It has been reported that Bestiality involves roughly 8 percent of men, and 4 percent of women .
In 1948, Wardell Pomeroy and Clyde Martin, Sexual Behavior in the Human Male (W. B. Saunders) wrote that 50% of the population of America mostly young male farmers, claimed to have had sexual contact with various species of animals (Saunders, Year ). Today people actually have intimate sexual relationships with some animals, and they see this as having a choice of sexual orientation.
A great deal of those who are more attracted to animals than to people, and prefer sexual relations with an animal, are usually well adjusted in their lives .
In theThe fourth edition of the American Psychological Association’s professional handbook (the DSM-IV) (Year) classifies bestiality (The practice of sex with animals) as a disorder only if an individual’s sexual attraction to nonhuman animals causes distress .
There are some explicit details in this paper regarding sexual acts between human and animal .

Bestiality has evolved from having sex with animals while living on a farm in a rural area to…
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