The Immorality Of Eating Animals . Eating Animals Poses

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The Immorality of Eating Animals Eating animals poses two moral questions. Is it wrong to raise and kill animals simply because humans enjoy the fleeting taste of their flesh? Do our differences from these animals justify their slaughter? The response to both of these questions is simple. Never. Many people believe that their superiority over animals is a justification to eat them. Animals have been traditionally defined as slaves and non-rational beings without moral reasoning, but these beliefs have been refuted for centuries.Even if these claims were true, these differences should encourage more, not less, moral consideration since they gather that animals cannot give or withhold their consent or …show more content…

All before suffering an unimaginable death. The current methods in which animals are farmed and slaughtered are heinous. Many animals are struggling until the very end. According to PETA, People for The Ethical Treatment of Animals, chickens are fully-conscious as they are hoisted and locked into shackles upside down on a fast moving line that leads to electrocution in order to stun them, boiling of their feathers, and eventually, the slitting of their throat. Many people overlook the very social and friendly creatures of the sea who endure this suffering as well. Fish on aquafarms spend their whole life in a crowded, filthy enclosure. They suffer from injuries, parasitic infections, and disease. All animals, such as chickens and fish, have the ability to suffer like we do. They feel pain, pleasure, love, loneliness and fear, all of which are experienced on their journey to slaughter. The questions to be asked are not, “Can animal speak?” or “Can they think?” but instead, “Can they suffer?” The ability to suffer should be a crucial consideration in the decision to kill animals. When humans decide to inflict these terrors on an animal, they are morally obligated to take the animal’s pain into account. No matter how “humane” the slaughtering or farming of animals is, it is always immoral. A growing trend in the animal farming business is to label meat “grass-fed.” These companies claim that they use humane methods of slaughter that make it easier on

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