Sexual Tension Among Members Of The North American People Essay

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There is a constant sexual tension among members of the North American people. Every interaction and piece of imagery is filled with sexual innuendos and undertones. If the environment of these people are an expression of their hidden desires, then they could be described as sexually driven from the core of their beings. They partake in daily grooming rituals, and engage in certain behaviours to gain approval from the opposite sex. The mating process for these natives begin with the displaying of an attractive physical appearance which then lead to the three stages of mating that involves meeting, revealing, and cohabitation The majority of men and women arise from their beds in the morning to commence a ritualistic routine of improving one’s personal hygiene and appearance. They have a separate room dedicated to washing and cleansing their bodies in a variety of ways. A bristle stick is used to scrub off particles from their teeth, this stick is coarse enough to cause the gums to bleed. One would assume that this basic act would end the cleaning of teeth, however, they seem to have an obsession with unnaturally white teeth. They will then gurgle a painful solution that causes mild burning within the mouth, in attempts to further whiten their teeth. The implied belief being that the chemicals of the solution will destroy the harmful demons that inhabit the mouth. The solution is unnecessary for good mouth hygiene, therefore the only explanation for painfully gurgling these

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