Sexual Violence And The Media

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The topic of sexual violence in relation to the media is very complex. There are many factors which can influence sexual violence, thus, it is very difficult to test the relation between sexual violence and the media. Within the media, violence, more specifically sexual violence is portrayed very often. This would be expected to increase the amount of sexual violence amongst the viewers. Therefore, C. J. Ferguson ran an experiment to try to see if there is a correlation between them. He stated how it is extremely common for sexual violence towards females to be insinuated throughout media. Not only is it within pornography, it can also be found in many movies and television shows (Ferguson, 2012). Ferguson believed that this mass amount of sexual violence makes people more prone to acting and having more negative attitudes towards women. Furthermore, he believed that the main influence within the media, is the portrayal of women as being inferior to men. In addition to the violence inflicted on women. Therefore, the reason men develop more negative attributes is because they get desensitized to the belittling of women. There were 150 students from a southern university whom were used as the participants for this study. These students were on average around twenty-one years old (Ferguson, 2012). The subjects were almost fifty percent male and fifty percent female. Furthermore, the participants were mainly of Hispanic descent. The number of participants for this study seems

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