Shadows And Sovereigns Analysis

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Reading comprehension task for Shadows and Sovereigns In this reading, Carolyn Nordstrom is juggling through a process of exploration about ethnographic and theoretical aspects of `shadows'/illegitimate/illegal. The interconnecting of vast transnational networks of goods, services, people and exchanges that flow outside formal and legal state channels and manipulate international laws for selfish interests of influential group. These networks involve millions of people and more than a trillion dollars yearly worldwide, and my research demonstrates these are more formalized, integrated and rule-bound than traditional studies have suggested. Thus, `shadow' networks broker political, economic and social power that can rival many of the world's states, and they are profoundly implicated in world markets. This article explores core characteristics and cultures defining extant extra-state systems, and the power and potentialities for social sovereignty they wield. Investigation into shadow realities prompts a reassessment of the basic theoretical ideas concerning the nexus of legality/illegality, state/non-state and formal/non-formal power relations defining the world today.…show more content…
These very illegitimate powers are entwined with the legal bound by rules, follow hierarchy, employ billions and are necessary for masses survival yet have a grand role in making or breaking of economy. her discovery about invisible yet equally powerful in the shaping the world exconomy. she is trying to explore a series of Internatioal shadow powers which are so strongly entwined with the legal ecomomy and are capable of shaping the world economies and
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