Shakespeare's Jealous Husbands

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Response to Shakespeare’s Jealous Husbands: Othello and Leontes In Shakespeare’s Jealous Husbands: Othello and Leontes by Paul Dean is a play that dramatized the comparison on how Jealousy in Othello with Jealousy in Shakespeare’s late romance The Winter’s Tale, serves as a substance that increases the rate of a chemical reaction without itself undergoing any permanent chemical change for further action. Shakespeare’s ideas about jealousy came from a variety of literary and cultural traditions, beginning with narrative of the Fall as he read it in the Book of Genesis and as he saw it in the medieval mystery plays still being performed during his adolescence. Jealousy is a leading motive in this story in the form of ‘‘covetousness, because…show more content…
Moreover, all the mystery plays stress the contrast between Lucifer’s original brightness and beauty and the hellish blackness of his fallen appearance, a detail which we might remember when we hear Iago say that Cassio ‘‘hath a daily beauty in his life and that makes me ugly’’ (Taylor.20). In addition, there is no such secure moral framework in Othello, because Shakespeare complicates our reactions by making his jealous husband a figure of some nobility and dignity, pitiable rather than contemptible in his blindness. None of the central figures of those domestic tragedies could call themselves ‘an honorable murderer’ as Othello does. This paradox is not completely implausible, for the reason he gives: ‘‘naught I did in hate, but all in honor’’ (Groves.293). Jealousy is closely bound up with one’s sense of what is due to one, the respect and self-respect essential to maintain an honorable place among one’s peers. A pre-Christian honor code is operating in the play; it is striking that Othello’s response to Iago’s insinuations is not to bring Desdemona to open court, as Leontes does with Hermione, or to seek the counsel of the Church. If Iago really thought that Othello had cuckolded him with Emilia, then in a twisted fashion he is also acting according to the honor code. Finally after analyzing the differences I would then moved to compared the similarity of the play, In the first

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