Shakespeare's Legacy

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A common wish is to become immortal; to die and have the works done during life be known eternally. To reach this level, a person has to help shape a culture or create something timeless. Beginning in the 1500s and stretching to present-day, William Shakespeare’s work is legendary, and could last until the end of human existence. He is widely regarded as the greatest writer in the English language, creating work as a poet, playwright, and even an actor. Shakespeare’s life and works, despite occurring more than four-hundred years ago, are well-known and strongly influential in today’s society. First, the beginning of Shakespeare’s life was mundane. It is bewildering to think that growing up in such an uneducated time and place could result in some of the best pieces of literature ever known.…show more content…
Many of the terms and words he created are still used regularly in modern society. For example, the terms ‘bated breath’, ‘wild-goose chase’, and ‘neither rhyme nor reason’ were all created and used by Shakespeare throughout his plays. He also created the words, ‘assassination’, ‘gossip’, and ‘blushing’. The words and phrases listed here are a few examples of countless other expressions and words devised and published by Shakespeare (“The Legacy of Shakespeare). In conclusion, it’s clear that Shakespeare is one of the most famous and prolific writers in all of history. His start, in a place that no one would ever expect to see so much talent, can inspire anyone. In his prime he created some of the most well-known plays ever seen. Although his playwriting skills were great, he was also a highly talented poet, and is even considered by many an entrepreneur. His classical creations have shaped authors and literature from his death in 1616, to present times, and can be expected to do the same
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