Shakespeare's Main Themes In Macbeth By William Shakespeare

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In the first Act of William Shakespeare’s tragedy, Macbeth, Shakespeare constructs the principal themes of the play, through the use of dialogue provided by his characters. Through the use of this dialogue, Shakespeare also sets the framework for the plot and introduces the main characters to the reader. Themes used by Shakespeare to convey these ideas are, Appearance vs. Reality, betrayal, and lastly, darkness. On the foundation of these themes, Shakespeare provides a clear contextual understanding of the plot, main characters and their motivations to the reader. The play opens with the three witches, who lay out perhaps the arguably, most dominant theme in the play, appearance vs. reality. The reader gets a bit of insight into the events…show more content…
They have offered their beautiful home to the King however, underneath the beauty lies the dark deceptive intentions of Macbeth and his wife, effectively going against the appearance of their castle. Appearance vs. Reality effectively gives the reader an in depth understanding into one of Shakespeare’s key points in the plot of Macbeth. Secondly, the theme of betrayal is used as a means to highlight the motivations of the main character. Although firstly it sets the foundation for Macbeth’s act of betrayal, in the sense that the original Thane of Cawdor betrayed The King, ultimately leading to Macbeth’s and Lady Macbeth’s betrayal as well. “He labored in his country’s wrack” The Thane of Cawdor was once, a highly respected man in society, In Act 1 Macbeth speaks highly of him, until it is discovered that the Thane of Cawdor betrayed his country in the war by assisting the other side. Upon discovering Cawdor’s disloyalty, he is executed and Macbeth is awarded with his title for his bravery in the war. Cawdor’s betrayal triggers a series of events that are substantial to the plot while simultaneously revealing to the reader his disloyalty and then later on in the play, Macbeth’s and Lady Macbeth’s

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