Shakespeare's Play Othello and Tim Blake Nelson's Film O

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Throughout the course of time, societies views have been persuaded by contextual influences, yet the core human values have remained unaffected. Through the texts by composers William Shakespeare and Tim Blake nelson and their texts Othello and the late 20th century contemporary film O, the key values of trust, honesty and loyalty are explored with contextual influences being reflected. The values are explored with the use of thematic development of the key issues jealousy and appearance vs reality and the use of dramatic devices in Othello and cinematic techniques in O. Shakespeare's accurate representation explored these values in an Elizabethan context where the values of loyalty, honour and fidelity were apparent. In contrast, Tim Blake nelsons film express similar views and attitudes to a more teenage-orientated audience and these values are replaced with modern contextual values such as popular culture, peer pressure and popularity.

Jealousy plays a major role in Othello as it is the driving force which leads to the plays events being carried out. The theme of jealousy is prevalent through characterization and the dishonoring of the values of trust and loyalty. The character if Iago is the main who endures jealousy and dishonours trust and loyalty which in the end he uses as a method to lead Othello to his downfall. Iago dishonours Othello’s trust by stating “My lord, you know I love you” but this contrasts with Iago line “I follow him to serve my turn upon him”.

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