Shapesville's Into The Wild (Chapter 23)

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One day in Shapesville, Charlie the circle was standing alone once again. Charlie, felt that being the only circle in Shapesvillewas very hard. All of the other shapes were teasing him. He was really upset. He got so sad he decided to run away. He ran and ran. After a while he stopped and didn't know where he was. "Oh no where am I." Said Charlie. All of a sudden Charlie heard a noise. "Thump! Thump! Thump! Growl! Out of the trees came a big hairy beast. Charlie screamed. The beast picked Charlie up. Charlie tried to break his grip, but the beast was too strong. The beast took him to his cave. The bullies then went to Charlie's house to apologize, but Charlie wasn't there. They then found a letter telling them Charlie had run away. "Oh no,

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