Shark Island Essay

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Shark Island Shark Island is a small island located in Sydney Harbour, Australia. It lies between the Harbour Bridge and the harbour entrance, offshore of the suburbs of Vaucluse, Point Piper and Rose Bay. The Island, at 1.25 hectares, is said to have resembled a shark and the shallow waters around it presented a constant danger to shipping. This is how it got its name. Physical Environment of Shark Island Weather & Climate The weather on Shark Island that day varied a lot. It was overcast with a temperature of 18.5°C and the humidity of 82%. Throughout the day, there were a few showers and most of the time, there were grey cumulus clouds covering the island completely. The wind, blowing westerly, was a soft wind, blowing at…show more content…
* ‘The Figs’ are plants with milky sap that are native to the tropics and to Australia. There are about 800 species. These species include trees, shrubs and vines. * ‘Moreton Bay Figs’ have roots that are gnarly and create very interesting illusions. The branches of the tree spread out wide which creates a lot of shade. These trees are found from Queensland down to the south of New South Wales. * ‘The Palms’ are found in tropical, sub-tropical and warm regions all over the world. There are over 2500 species and most grow food products like coconuts. * ‘The Wattles’ are mostly found in regions that are dry and tropical. There are about 800 species worldwide and about 600 species in Australia. Wattles have a short life span but grow rapidly. There aren’t many animals on Shark Island. One of the very few are seagulls. In the waters there are marine creatures such as: anemones, limpets and sea urchins. Water Quality The water at the southern end of the island had a temperature of 21°C. Healthy marine water should have a temperature between 15°C and 35°C therefore the water is neutral. The water turbidity was relatively clear with almost no matter and very little sediments. The pH level was 7 on the universal indicator. Human Environment of Shark Island Humans introduced lots of plants to Shark Island that weren’t native but they have all adapted to the climates and
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