Shark Attack Marzano Activity Essay

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Shark Attack
(Summarizing and Note-taking)

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Answer the following questions:

1. Identify at least five organ systems in this region of the arm that the surgeon would have marked for reattachment. Cardiovascular, Muscular, Skeletal, Nervous, and Integumentary 2. List the names of the specific structures that had to be reattached. The axillary arteries had to be reattached. Bicep and tricep muscle tissues and the humorous bone also had to be reattached. 3. What organ system was most likely not reattached? Explain. The nervous system, severed nerves cannot be reattached the same way; the severed nerves will not be useful again.
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There would be too much damage to the nervous and muscle system to regain use of the arm fully; the muscle and nervous system would not be able to send messages to the brain in order to control the arm. 12. Assume the role of the surgeons as they explain the procedure to Jim’s parents. Write a one- to two-paragraph explanation about the surgery, paying particular attention to what you would say about regaining use of his arm, forearm, and hand. The surgery being performed on your son consists of a few different procedures. First, what we did was to identify the muscles, blood vessels and nerves in both the arm and the stump. Then Dr. Ramos will trim the wound, and insert the supporting plate. This is what is holding your son’s arm in place, and also made reattachment possible. Before we did this, he had to trim the bone, which will make the right arm one inch shorter then the left arm. With the supporting plate in place, we will then be able to reattach everything else. The only bad news is that unfortunately Jim will never regain entire use of his right arm. Although all the vessels and muscles are connected properly the nervous system is too damaged to send messages to the brain. Because of this, recovering movement capabilities will be a slow process. Although with practice and physical therapy, Jim will slowly regain function and strength. 13. Assume the surgery to reconnect blood vessels was successful and blood flow

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