Sheldon And Eleanor Glueck 's Research On 500 Juvenile Delinquents Essay

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Sheldon and Eleanor Glueck 's conducted research on 500 juvenile delinquents, non-delinquents, and they also studied adult crime. They worked on this research for half a century, Sheldon was a professor at Harvard Law School during this time. The Gluecks were influenced by Dr. Richard Cabot, which lead the Professor and Eleanor to use Dr. Richards follow up studies of medical therapy, and then they were the first ones to apply this concept. It is very rare that the value of a piece of research is immediately appreciated, and that it does not sit and collect dust. The Glueck’s studies were unusual in size and they had an extensive follow-up and coverage, they also believe that factors from all disciplines are to be considered, including biological, psychological, and sociological factors.

Sheldon Glueck was a Polish-American criminologist, him and his wife collaborated in large detail on research that was related to juvenile delinquency and developed what they called the "Social Prediction Tables". The tables were a model for predicting the behavior of delinquency in youth. The Gluecks were also the first criminologists to carry out research on chronic juvenile offenders and they were among the first to examine what long term effects serious delinquents that were psychopathic could have. Eleanor Glueck on the other hand was an American social worker and criminologist, Eleanor was also awarded with a Parsons Memorial Award from the United Prison Association of Massachusetts
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