Shellspeed Discovery Essay

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The discovery of Shellspeed Mazen Alghamdi S7 I am proud of the discovery me Mazen Alghamdi found. Its one of the most interesting, weirdest, and coolest animals out there. I prefer to call it Shellspeed. The reason I named it that is because it is half armadillo and half cougar. Add the shell of the armadillo plus the speed of the cougar and you get Shellspeed! This is how I stumbled against this strange creature. It was a hot, dry, merciless day at the desert where I was doing my research about cacti. It was about 110 degrees Fahrenheit. In the distance I saw a bizarre figure. As I came closer because I was curios of such strange animal the two other researchers were following me with tranquilizer guns. When we were 8 feet away the
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