Sherlock Lawylee Short Stories

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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was born in the year of 1859 in Edinburgh, United Kingdom. He fulfilled many jobs in his lifetime, such as physician, surgeon, ophthalmologist, and what he is most known for, a writer. Doyle began writing in 1886 and wrote a few short stories, but most of them failed. But in 1887, he publishes a story called “A Study in Scarlet” which is about a detective, Sherlock Holmes, solving murder cases using witty senses and intelligent mind. After the story publishes, the public is captivated. The whole city of London is begging Doyle to write more stories about Holmes and sending him mail everyday. In 1891, Doyle writes six Sherlock Holmes stories for a popular magazine. The public is dying to know who Sherlock Holmes could be based on because of how lifelike he is. Doyle then realizes that his inspiration for Holmes came from, Dr. Joseph Bell, his teacher and mentor at the University of Edinburgh. Bell was now being interviewed for every newspaper and magazine, there was and people began to call him Sherlock. Because in the stories Holmes is cold and has no heart, the media has now remade Bell as how Holmes acts. Although this is hurting Bell and his reputation, the Sherlock Holmes obsession is not ending. The stories are translated into many languages and sold around the world. Doyle writes his last story about Holmes in, “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.” He dedicates the story to Bell when he died in 1911, since he was his inspiration for Holmes. Doyle

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