Shift In Risk Summary

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Cooper’s description of the “shift in risk” speaks on the changes in the type of safety nets that people use and have nowadays. Starting in the 1980s, the people benefiting from pension decreased by 50% in 24 years. In contrast, more people began to be covered by a 401k program- which the saving and managing of money would rely on the individual. This puts more strain on the individual because now they have to try and create their own safety net by continuing to put away money. Furthermore, individuals with a 401k and no pension are at more risk for having enough money put away and have a more fragile safety net. Another trend that took place during this time frame was a drop in the number of people health care coverage. Even now with the Affordable …show more content…

She was fine with having just a few bucks in her pocket and didn’t really mind being poor. Even after growing up middle class, she kept her composure and didn’t break down often even though she didn’t seem like she had much to be positive about. The Faleau’s feel similarly to the Delgado’s in that they don’t need more. Their involvement with the Mormon church gives them fulfillment and satisfaction. All they have to obtain is the bare necessities and when they have those, they feel as if they are lucky to have them. The other families seem to be employing the coping strategy of “expecting and asking for more”. In the case of the Mah’s, they are upper class but still don’t feel like they have enough. They want their children to have the best of the best everything and keep them ahead of the curve so it keeps them feeling in need for more money. Similarly, the Calafato’s also don’t feel like they have enough. They aren’t upper class like the Mah’s but they’re still living a comfortable middle-class life. There reasoning for wanting more is to fund their children’s dreams and take the stress off of the mother who now has to work more often. Lastly, the Jenner’s who spend a lot on big-ticket items- are living paycheck to paycheck. The father has a stable income with great benefits but doesn’t really stop spending and this worries the wife. The wife wants more so she won't have to worry about

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