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Akasha comes from the late 19th century the term means sky, it can also mean space along with objects in our material world, furthermore, the term Akasha also comes from one of the elements which are earth, air, fire, along with water. Therefore, Akasha can be taken a few different ways. There is a movie called Queen of the Damned, which stars Aaliyah she played a vampire queen named Akasha, the term also means to myself the earth,including the clouds in the sky along with water, fire, the air that we breath also to myself Akasha means spirit. Akasha can be used in the way that Everyone does the practice which includes us doing yoga, meditating also included in the rituals that everyone performs. Furthermore, when anyone does yoga along with …show more content…

Without Akasha, Everyone would lose the air that is needed to survive, Everyone would miss seeing the sky, including the clouds, people would miss seeing along with hearing the birds chirping ,flying around. Furthermore, Everyone would also not have the energy that we need to perform our spells along with our rituals. Akasha also helps by way of giving us the material items that we need to put on our Altar plus without it, people would not have any gods or goddesses to honor. This is why it is important to know what Akasha is along with what it can be used for daily. When I did the term Akasha I was thinking that it meant nationality that is why I missed what that term meant. I was thinking that it meant where people came from. Never less my answer was wrong cause I didn’t do any research on the term before also I didn’t know anything about what the term meant. I asked my daughter what she thought that the term meant she thought that it meant the same. I never even heard of the term before all through my life until I joined The Magical Circle School, I didn’t realize that it meant so much meaning I was pleased to learn what I have found out about the term along with its

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