Short Essay On Your Americano

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"Your Americano."
The waiter that served Light's coffee was in heavy disguise, but Light would recognize that rich voice anywhere. Light didn't look up from his newspaper, but he gesture for Beyond Birthday to put his coffee down. Light graced him with a smile, "Thank you."
In return, Light felt hot words breathed into his ear: "His name is Watari."
At the time that Light arranged to meet L at the café, a well-dressed gentleman showed up and joined Light's table. The man's fashion was evidently British, but fashionable. British, which aligned with the coding style Light had been hacking against. When the man didn't speak, Light smiled and greeted, "Good afternoon, Watari."
Unfazed, Watari held out his hand. "Nice to meet you, Light." …show more content…

"Does Light-kun believe in supernatural forces?" asked L.
"I prefer not to," said Light. He didn't say he didn't, but he simply prefer not to factor in supernatural forces because that was when things became needlessly difficult to calculate. Not that he was unaware of human's beliefs of supernatural forces. Taking another sip of his coffee, Light said, "I assume you have information you are hiding from me."
People like L didn't get to where they were because they actually entertained notions of supernatural deities at work, but something must've triggered L to ask such a question. Sarah Brown was killed because she made a noise at the beep of her laptop - John Wicked was killed because he began to cough after his desktop humidifier "automatically" turned on - No one was supposed to stand up, but Byran White's chair suddenly collapsed ...
"L, do you know, that Shinigamis like apple?" said L. "I confirmed that the message was sent by B."
Light factored in the new information. "Shinigamis are Japanese Death Gods."
"Does Light Yagami think that Japanese Death Gods like apples?"
Light replied, "I prefer not to presume."
"Light Yagami is someone who prefers to bend his words to maintain harmony rather than stand up for himself," said L, and for a moment, Light almost imagined Beyond Birthday in the place where L was placed in his mental map. "A good little boy. Light Yagami lives to please - he does not like the idea of possible supernatural

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