Short Story 'A Lover's Defiance'

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A Lover’s Defiance Vivian woke to the sound of arguments. Being princesses of Krawlum , this was part of her daily routine. Whether it be arguing with her mother over potential courtiers or her father with the limited freedom he gave her she mastered the skill of debate at a young age. After her morning bath she began her daily schedule. She sped through meetings about upcoming events and began her daily excursion through her garden. Until recently, the gardens were her only safe haven from the life of royalty. Quickly after her parents discovered this secret garden they made it open to the public. Nobility began to ravage her only quiet spot, leaving her to find another. After her excursion she began her trip back to her chambers, where…show more content…
She knew that Gavin hated rock music, but he still offered to take her. She knew this should’ve changed her view on him, but she still only looked at him with resent. To not cause any conflict she looked at him, wore the fakest smile she ever wore, and said, “Thank you for this Gavin. I really appreciate it.” The next week was the most strenuous week Vivian ever faced. She had to keep a charade towards everyone in her castle. She couldn’t approach her parents with her problem. They’d turn it down as foolish teenage issues. She had to remain in a fake bliss with Gavin. Gavin made this even harder on her, with periodic questions if she truly enjoyed spending time with him. Lying became a second nature to her. Thankfully the concert was today and she could finally relax. * * * They arrived at the concert perfectly on time. Vivian wanted to arrive earlier but traffic had been gruesome. Although the drive in the limousine had been relaxing and quiet, she wanted the loudness and disorderness of the concert. Finally arriving, Vivian rushed towards the front. She wanted the genuine concert experience, considering this would probably be the only one her father would let her attend. They had discussed this separation earlier. They both agreed to separating at the concert so they both could enjoy it in their own
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