Short Story : ' Breathe Me '

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Breathe Me I am awoken by the faint, soft meow of the cat I’ve had for years. I wake and my first sight is her. She sits in front of me with her huge hazel eyes, long snow white whiskers, beautiful grey and white marking surrounding the frame of her tiny head. After 10 minutes that felt like 10 years of not paying attention to her she jumps up on my bed and we lie there in the horribly yellow-lighted room. We devise about the heavenly thought of just lying amongst the soft cloud like blankets that were the size of my back yard, so much warmness and love and comfort within in my bed. I check my phone, realizing I can’t stay here forever. As much as I would like to. I unhappily place my cat on the ground and pet her with comfort as she lets out the most pathetic depressing meow she does every morning.
“This is an every morning thing, silly. I thought you would get used to this by now.” Liv said, giggling. Realizing I’m always extremely late, I resort to my usual fleece, gray sweats or my festive Christmas legging I really need to put away. I’ve never truly cared about my appearance. It’s something I’ve always hated anyways. It’s never a worry though because I just have a Study Hall, it truly doesn’t matter. I walk to my locker as usual to keep all of my folders and note book I’ll need for my day. I always diddle around on my phone but I look up to make sure I didn’t bump into anyone and I saw a tall person near my locked. My heart nearly dropped to my stomach when I…
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