Short Story: Cold World

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Cold World

Serena Williams cautiously looked out the window, the dark clouds making the land before her look so bleak. The small blonde nine year-old girl seemed so lost in thought, but was pulled away by the sound of an ear-piercing cry of pain. Recently, her mother had been going through contractions and pain, and there was a doctor at her residence almost every day now. All the girl would hear was wailing and crying. Serena winced somewhat before getting away from the window, teetering towards her mother’s bedroom.

Once peering in, she could see her mother, a washcloth on her forehead and her breathing so unsteady. Serena winced somewhat, hiding in the doorway. Moments had passed before Oliver popped his head in, standing behind the young
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Besides, urban areas have somewhat booming businesses,” Oliver replied, keeping his voice hushed.

“Oliver! What about Sarah, did you ever think about the well-being of your youngest sister? She’s dying

“You know what, I don’t care, Serena, you’re in charge of this. You’re in charge of the lil’ brat.”

Serena reared back somewhat. “Just...go…” She turned away from him briskly, rubbing at the bridge of her nose. “I you don’t care about her, fine, at least I do. And that’s what matters. I’ll be here for her. You on the other hand won’t be.”

Oliver let out a frustrated huff, running his fingers through his coarse black hair, turning on his heel and heading for the door. Serena watched him stomp right out the door, slamming it behind him in a fit of
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She didn’t want any of this. Why had this all happened to her? Did she really deserve this? Was she the cause to all this? All these questions were a blur in her mind. She didn’t want to think about any of it. Just thinking about it making her pained. She would soon gaze down at her sister.

Thinking nothing of it at first, until she saw there was no life in her sister’s eyes. Had she really drifted off for too long? Did she stray away from her sister’s being, and was she too late? She shook the small child a few times, getting no response. “Sarah!” she cried out, gripping the girl’s shoulder so tightly before pulling away, her hands shaky.

Serena’s breath just stopped and she tilted her head back to let out a wail, pushing herself out of her chair. For a moment she just stood there, tears sliding down her cheeks. She’d wipe them away quickly. “I-I...can’t take it anymore...I’ve been through so much…”

Now looking at herself in the mirror, Serena Williams realized, that no matter what. She could get through anything. She was a true survivor of the Great Depression, even if it didn’t feel like
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