Short Story Essay : The Story Of My Life

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The Story of My Life
“They judge me like a picture book, by the colors like they forgot to read”-Lana del rey. Proving that people tend to judge without allowing themselves to give me a chance. They always go with what their eyes tell, but they should know that I'm more than what I appear to be.
My way of being deals many with my likes and dislikes and thanks to that, it has turned me into who I am obviously. It is those little occasions in life that have helped me see things from a different perspective , you know, see the world in a unique way. There are so many things I like, of course I cannot name them all because I probably don't even know them yet, but just like there's things Id die for, there's also things I really wouldn't. For example, I hate lies. I hate being lied to and the feeling you get after realizing someone has lied to you. I hate feeling betrayed honestly. I feel like the worst thing a person can do to me is lie, especially when it's a person I know from long ago. I ask myself, why do people lie? What do they get out of a lie anyway? Yes , the truth hurts sometimes and that stinks, but a person who tells the truth is more respected and more trustworthy than a person who lies. Most of the people prefer a beautiful lie over the ugly truth and that is just not right because lies are just empty words without meaning, full of fake hope and happiness and even though they are full of such beautiful things, it is still a lie, and sadly it is all fake.

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