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Get up my mom says, we have to go to the Dells to day. But I never heard my alarm go off so why are you waking me up right now, ringgg there it is. I got out of bed and, I ask my mom how long is the drive there. She told me after we pick up our cousins it will be about 4 hours there and back. I replied ok that sounds good. When we got to our cousins house we talked for a little bit then made sure everybody had their stuff so we could get going. My mom said on the way their is anyone hungry because we won’t be eating for awhile. So we had a few snacks on the way up there. When we got there it was just opening and the lines were really short about 3 or 4 people in a line it was so nice to have that. We did all of the inside slides right …show more content…

So I said fine if you're scared than I will just go by myself so I did and started walking up the stairs as I saw another person drop my heart starts pumping faster and faster. Than at the top of the stair he said which one the green one or purple one I said purple so I step in the slide and he said cross your legs and cross your arms so I did. The slide counted down 3,2,1 drop I dropped so fast it was so fun I was done with the slide in like 3 seconds that was awesome I said as I sat up. When I got down and back to everyone I said I am doing it again do you want to come they all said no again I said chicken still nobody came. I started walking up the stairs I once again saw somebody drop and scream So I got up there and I said I want to go in the purple one again so I stepped in and it said 3,2,1 drop. This time I wasn’t as nerves it was more fun when I got down the slide I stepped and said that was fun But I am ready to go now so we all went to change and all met up outside. After that we went to the car and went to go and get something to eat at a restaurant because we were so hungry. Once we got back to our cousins house my cousins asked if we wanted to stay over we said sure. So we had some clothes from before so we talked a little bit then my mom left we went down stairs to get all of the bed stuff set up for tonight. It was probably 7:30 right now so we eat some supper and went downstairs to watch a movie before we went to bed.

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