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“And stay out!” the penetrating voice thundered from the lighted entrance of the tavern. Alexis dropped down to the ground and sobbed openly. She had just lost her job bartending at the tavern. She had worked there for sixteen years, how could they fire her for breaking a crystal goblet that already had a chip in it, she thought in anguish. “How can I pay for food, when I don’t have any money?” she whimpered aloud. “We can help you,” a disembodied sound voiced. The voice was quiet but loud at the same time. It was high pitched, but had a soothing tone. Alexis turned around there was no one there. She turned back again, a dark figure was approached her from the darkness. It had the stench of rotten fruit and stale crackers. Alexis …show more content…

Kat had a black cat with white stripes down its’ back, wait it wasn’t a cat, it was a skunk. Ugh, Alexis thought. Gross. “And this is Gail and Faye.” Lady Snake gestured to the others on her left. Gail lifted her hood and raised her huge bushy eyebrows up and down, and shot a toothless smile at her. Faye, gracefully lifted her hood and wiggled her ears and nose, and giggled. Her laugh was atrocious. Lady Snake pulled out a flask of greenish-brownish thick liquid. She then popped the cork off and started approaching Alexis. The others glided over and Alexis tried to get up but she couldn’t move. Gail had her hand raised and was holding her in position. Faye motioned and Alexis opened her mouth. Lady Snake then poured the nauseating fluid into her mouth and Alexis gagged, but eventually it went down. The witches backed away. Alexis lurched up and down and her eyes closed. Then, suddenly, she inhaled deeply and stood up, her eyes opened and she began talking. “Hello sisters,” she said. “It’s good to have you back, Lex,” Kat said. “My pleasure.” “Let’s get down to business.” In the village, James and Lily were hauling water from the town well. James brushed his honey blonde locks away from his face and turned to face her. Her caramel-colored hair was weaved into a french braid. The sun shined down upon them, enveloping them with warmth and forecasted a wonderful, lovely day. “Are you okay,” he inquired. “You seem sad.” His sparking

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