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The trek was arduous and cold despite the layers and layers of clothing Sage wore. She wasn't even sure if Gu Mi knew where she was going. They had been walking for hours in quiet and there was nothing but snow white wasteland for miles. Her boots, meant for such cold weather, didn't keep her toes from feeling numb. She was certain her nose and cheeks were a bright shade of red. Sage never thought she'd visit Siberia. She knew now that she didn't want to, either. "Please tell me we're getting close now," Sage said through partially chapped lips. "There's the treeline. Do you see it?" Sage nodded to Gu Mi's question. "We are getting close, now," Gu Mi assured Sage. In the distance, the blinding white ice and snow were contrasted …show more content…

His clothes were mostly skins and fur. His accent was Russian. Gu Mi stood her ground and her resolve was unshakable. "Point made. We need to talk." "Move along, vixen. I have nothing to talk about with you or any other warden for that matter. This land is mine and you're not welcome. Take the girl and go." Orion turned to leave. Gu Mi stood her ground with an expressionless face, "I can't do that." "You can and you will." Orion threatened with a growl from deep inside his chest. Gu Mi completely ignored his last statement, "Sage, I'd like you to meet Orion, Warden of Northern Eurasia, son of Ursai." Sage, still in shock, managed to nod in acknowledgement before standing up and brushing the snow off her pants. She thought she'd be used to all the supernatural stuff by now, but there seemed to be a new surprise everyday. Orion threw his arms up in the air, annoyed, "Great. We're introduced. Pleased to meet you. Now leave." "I don't think the introductions are finished, Orion." Gu Mi stood her ground. "Sage was it?" Sage nodded once more. "Then all formalities have been met. If I have to tell you one more time to leave, the world may have one less Warden and I'll do with the girl as I see fit." "That's the plan. Well the last part at least. I'll be keeping my head, thank you very much. I'm sure the last thing you need is me on your bad side." Gu Mi's arms

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